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    Thursday, September 30th, 2004
    2:40 pm
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    Current Mood: cheerful
    Monday, September 27th, 2004
    1:59 pm
    perfect fit

    i could make a dress
    a robe fit for a prince
    i could clothe a continent
    but i can't sew a stitch

    i can paint my face
    and stand very very still
    its not very practical
    but it still pays the bills

    i can't change my name
    but i could be your type
    i can dance and win at games
    like backgammon and life

    i used to be the smart one
    sharp as a tack
    funny how that skipping years ahead
    has held me back

    i used to be the bright one
    top in my class
    funny what they give you when you
    just learn how to ask

    i can write a song
    but i cant sing in key
    i can play piano
    but i never learned to read

    i can't trap a mouse
    but i can pet a cat
    no i'm really serious!
    i'm really very good at that

    i can't fix a car
    but i can fix a flat
    i could fix alot of things
    but i'd rather not get into that

    i used to be the bright one
    smart as a whip
    funny how you slip so far when
    teachers dont keep track of it

    i used to be the tight one
    the perfect fit
    funny how those compliments can
    make you feel so full of it

    i can shuffle cut and deal
    but i can't draw a hand
    i can't draw a lot of things
    i hope you understand
    i'm not exceptionally shy
    but i've never had a man
    that i could look straight in the eye
    and tell my secret plans

    i can take a vow
    and i can wear a ring
    and i can make you promises but
    they won't mean a thing

    can't you do it for me, i'll pay you well
    fuck i'll pay you anything if you could end this

    can't you just fix it for me, it's gone berserk...
    fuck i'll give you anything if
    you can make the damn thing work

    can't you just fix it for me, ill pay you well,
    fuck ill pay you anything
    if you can end this
    hello, i love you will you tell me your name?
    hello, i'm good for nothing - will you love me just the same?

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
    1:38 pm
    Rock n' rola...
    Back from London i got scared as i heard our Club Kitten was off. Off?!? For you to know Club Kitten is just the "glam electronica club for the overdressed and experimental raw, sexually charged rock n' roll and analogue noise" but happily i just read its on again in our (full i wished) events calendar... so yay! but not much cause its a monthly club so what am i (us) suppose to do beetween? Dress up and pose for mirrors and some cameras? (can be fun though...), go out to some drag club and have fun?(real fun), stay home and sleep (been needing this one too much lately...), hmmm... Miss Cherry you gotta move place quickly, hon, we gotta put on some shows! Lets be neighbours dahling, that would be some show...

    well back to the bazilion things i have to do for a month, i have now to prepare a class, to teach how to paint in fabric(sweet)... so *putting the teacher pose now*...

    be back to me y'all...


    Current Mood: tired
    Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
    3:00 pm
    After London...

    Back from the toxicity lovely LONDON now... starving for some clubs and places to practice my debaucherrrrrr poses... all those cameras rapping the trashed me... Oooooh

    you can taste some of my great moments here.... hmmmmm enjoy!

    mwahhhhh.... purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Current Mood: artistic
    Monday, August 2nd, 2004
    2:43 pm
    Vacations... what a sweet sweet word! Friends are almost all outta town but not me, no! Im still a slave serving in the horrible world of WORK (whata fuckin drama queen im becoming, ahah, as if my work was such a pain...)... Its all ok really as i intent to spend my humble days of vacation in SWEET POISONOUS LONDON absorving all i can (and all i can't!!!)
    so, im waiting....
    Monday, July 26th, 2004
    3:12 pm
    I wanna tell ya all HELLO PRETTYS! as im new around and that you wont regret having to share this planet and another with me.
    xXx to y'all!

    Current Mood: moody